Reset your nervous system, using the power of CO² and your breath.

Transcend your limits. Unlock your potential, with Alchemy founder and author Rodo Escalante.

What is Alchemy?

Alchemy: Rewire
An original breath + mind navigation system

Alchemy: Rewire is an entirely different kind of mind-body training. Inspired by founder Rodo’s journey with freediving and the neuro-biological shifts he experienced from holding his breath, Alchemy is a breath and mind navigation technology that leverages elevated levels of CO₂ to access and explore deeper states of awareness. A full mind-body discipline, Alchemy supports individuals across the neurological spectrum to uncover inner freedom and greater self-mastery.


The potential of CO₂ tolerance for neurological rewiring

Modern science continues to investigate the benefits of intermittent CO₂ tolerance, but has yet to classify it as a proven intervention for those with neurological disorders or neurodivergent challenges.

This is where Alchemy: Rewire comes in. By consistently practicing the system’s breath and mind navigation techniques, people all over the world are using it to rewire old programming, dissolve chronic anxiety, change their relationship with depression and master the art of self regulation.

While navigating elevated CO₂ in the body, Alchemy students experience a phenomenon known as ‘the Contraction’. It is the same physiological contraction freedivers feel during an extended breath hold. In this peak state of anxiety, live music is introduced as a vehicle to guide body and mind into the flow state.


The Three Pillars of Alchemy

CO₂ Tolerance & Navigation

Emerging science reveals a missing link in our understanding of CO₂. Practicing safe, intermittent tolerance of CO₂ is shown to enhance athletic performance, improve oxygen absorption and enable access to the human miracle of the Contraction.

Live Music Resonance

Harmonizing the vagus nerve and central nervous system through live sonic frequencies is a fundamental aspect of Alchemy. Music becomes a guide, hyper-tuning the inner ear to stimulate the pineal gland, and invites students to surrender to the present moment.

Structured Reintegration

Vocal activation, nutritional upgrades and somatic exercises support sustainable mind-heart coherence. Alchemy’s complete system empowers students to unfold their minds, re prioritize body wisdom, and experience a profound shift in awareness.

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Here’s What Others Have to Say


“This practice allowed me to integrate within the present moment.”


“I think Rodo does an amazing job in teaching at a very deep level.”


“I feel very fortunate to have learned these lessons in this setting”

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