Level 2: Initiation

Welcome. If you are here, it’s because you are ready to commit, to undergo a full initiation into the Alchemy experience. After completing the Level One training, you are now familiar with the concepts, theories and practical application of the Alchemy: Rewire system. Now, it’s time to dive into a subtler, yet more profound understanding of true awareness – in your body, of your mind’s capacity to trick you, and most importantly – the innate life force that lives inside all of us.

Initiation takes us into the deeper physical components of Alchemy. In collaboration with Ibiza based cook and food alchemist Erika Tangari, Rodo will share the power and importance of high vibration nutrition, activated foods and how to access a special form of plant ketosis to amplify the neurobiological shifts that occur during the navigation of altered states and whilst in the Contraction state.

As part of the Level Two Initiation, students will automatically have a place in the transformative online program, Double Detox. The three week guided experience is hosted by Erika and her partner, Energy Coach, Integrator & Consciousness Motivator Mish. An Initiation all of its own, here you will be guided into a state of deep state of awareness and personal power. With activated living foods, key cleansing herbs and preparations, bio circadian wisdom and eventually fasting as the doorway, students are invited to deeply clean, observe and recalibrate themselves into the Gamma state.

In conjunction with Double Detox, students are also led into a deeper mastery of hypercapnia and hypoxia, as well as practical training in the body’s rootlocks. Here we learn how to lock our energy – prana, or life force – in a constructive way that supports our Alchemy practice best.

Throughout this 4-week training, students will acquire a comprehensive understanding of how to optimize the frequency and capacity of their physical and energetic body through advanced lifestyle approaches and structured integration principles. Students must complete Level Two as a precursor to the Level Three Training.

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Date: April 24 – May 21

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  • 18 Lessons