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We regularly partner with conscious brands, businesses, festivals and holistic hospitality groups to offer bespoke group experiences of the Alchemy: Rewire system. Our team is experienced in organizing collaborative events for corporates, B2B clients, office teams or boutique festivals from scratch. We also travel to deliver a bespoke experience in venues or properties, based on your unique needs and requirements in your chosen location.

Fill out your requirements, event objectives and specific dates in the contact form below. We’ll be in touch to discuss your ideas in greater detail.

Expand inwards

Private Journeys

This is a special journey inward. Alchemy: Rewire master facilitators guide private groups deeper into altered mental states through the use of breath, bandha locks, vocal activation and de-concentration. 

Journeys are often accompanied by live music, and followed by a structured reintegration session. Pool training is optional dependent on group requirements and location. Sessions last between 2-3 hours (depending on the presence of musicians), and are tailored to the specifics of the group.

3 Days of Rewiring

Deep Dive Within

A multiple day program that takes participants into the deeper levels of the Alchemy: Rewire system to facilitate a true ‘rewiring’ of the mind’s perception, in three stages. First by enhancing our purest endorphins; Second, by learning to surrender and feel the mind unfold; and Third, a full reset of the nervous system by surrendering to our inner pharmacy of potent neurotransmitters. 

This intensive workshop is approximately 12 – 15 hours over 3 days, food and accommodation is not included.

*worldwide locations arranged upon request

7 days towards Mastery

High Achievers

This focused program builds on core aspects of mind-heart navigation to invite individuals out of their comfort zone and into greater neurobiological awareness. It is from this space that lasting change becomes available.

Alchemy master facilitators will guide experienced participants* towards stable coherence through immersive training in cardio, hypercapnia, diaphragm stretching, mental resilience, full decompression of the central nervous system, detoxification of the organs, Alchemy sacred plant elixirs, daily pool training and a complete mastery of the Contraction state. 

This immersive program is approximately 28 total hours of training and structured integration, experienced over 7 full days. Limited to 8 participants per cohort.


Alchemy Bespoke Reset

Available for 3 or 5 night stays, Casa Alchemy offers a flexible framework for individuals looking to transform their relationship to physical performance, optimal habits, productivity, mental health and personal growth. Perfect for digital nomads, dialed-in entrepreneurs, or individuals seeking a 360 degree reset, Casa Alchemy is the perfect working retreat to press pause, while learning key foundational tools to thrive in body, mind and heart coherence.


Online Certifications

Train with us online to become a certified master facilitator of the Alchemy: Rewire system in the comfort of your own home, and on your time table. Absorb the complete philosophy, all practical physiological sequences and discover new levels of awareness as we grow together across the three certifications. Each level of training is approximately 7-9 hours of audio and video modules and practical assignments.

Upcoming In-Person Experiences

Immerse yourself in a world of self-discovery and personal growth with our calendar of global events and experiences. Join captivating workshops, interactive seminars, and enlightening webinars, all designed to unlock your full potential and bring you into your center. Reservations are recommended.

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