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We regularly partner with conscious brands, businesses, festivals and holistic hospitality groups to offer a bespoke group experience of Alchemy. Workshops, journeys and third party collaborations can all be arranged on request. Just fill out your requirements and specific dates in the contact form below and we’ll be in touch.

How to experience Alchemy?

Journey Public/Private

The full methodology begins with students facing their fears by practicing in the pool.  We go deeper into accessing the altered state through the use of vocal activation and de-concentration.  Ultimately, students are guided towards profound breakthroughs, before a structured reintegration session. This class is approximately 6 hours.

How to experience Alchemy?

Advanced Retreats

Learn to maintain all the benefits of the altered state. We combine Alchemy Methodology, Diet and Training protocols, plus Unique facilitators to integrate the initial journey into lasting change.  Each retreat is composed around a central theme and facilitators are chosen based on their mastery of the theme.  Each workshop is designed to help transform and adopt these best practices into a sustainable lifestyle shift. Retreats are from 3 – 7 days.

How to experience Alchemy?

Online Certifications

Learn how to become a master facilitator of Alchemy in the comfort of your own home, and on your time table. Absorb the complete philosophy and grades of awareness as we grow together across the three certifications.  Each level is approximately 7-9 hours of audio and video lessons, modules and assignments.

How to experience Alchemy?

Deep Dive Within

Multiple day program where we rewire the mind’s perception in three stages.  First by enhancing our purest endorphins; Second, by learning to surrender and feel the mind unfold; and Third, a full reset of the nervous system by surrendering to our inner pharmacy of potent neurotransmitters.  This class is approximately 12 hours over 3 days.

How to experience Alchemy?

High Achievers

This program is designed to build on the physiological mind-heart navigation and take students out of their comfort zone and into their own neurobiological awareness. The resulting stable coherence comes from cardio, hypercapnia, diaphragm stretching and mental resilience in pool mastery. This class is approximately 28 hours over 7 days.

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