High Achievers

We are excited to see that you are ready for transformation and trust us in guiding you through. Please remember that we’re always open to adjust our service based on your needs, book a discovery call with us if anything is unclear or you have specific requests.


Casa Alchemy,
in Ibiza

We love to host you at our Alchemy home in Ibiza.

Prices (including X months membership)

Shared Room
(Includes Food & Accomodation)

Per Person €5,990

Private Room
(Includes Food & Accomodation)

Per Person €3,000

Private Location

Host at your home or preferred location, venue, boat or villa – anywhere around the world.

  • Please note that as an organizer you are responsible for booking the accommodation as well as catering – we are of course here to support with any questions to ensure it suits our methodology
  • Additionally, as an organizer you are responsible for covering our facilitator’s expenses and travel costs

Prices (including Level 1, 2 & 3 membership)

*You must cover the expenses for the flights and accommodation for the facilitator.

Locations in Ibiza, Spain

Per Person €2,700

Locations anywhere outside Ibiza Spain

Per Person €6,990

ALL DEEP DIVE WITHIN Experiences Include Level 1 worth 333)

Daily Structure

How the three days are structured:

Day 1

Day 1 sees participants awakening endorphins through the navigation of mind-heart coherence for the first time.

Day 2

On Day 2, participants learn to progressively surrender to any cellular density that is released during controlled periods of hypoxia and hypercapnia. Our objective is to safely feel the mind unfold.

Day 3

On Day 3, the final day, individuals undergo a full reset of the nervous system by surrendering to our inner pharmacy of potent neurotransmitters. We experience this through the extended Contraction state where it becomes possible to navigate the frontal cortex, middle brain connection and potential production of endogenous DMT.

Casa Alchemy,
in Ibiza

We love to host you at our Alchemy home in Ibiza.

Prices (including X months membership)

2 People €3,500 p.p
3 – 10 People €300€ p.p

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Immerse yourself in a world of self-discovery and personal growth with our calendar of global events and experiences. Join captivating workshops, interactive seminars, and enlightening webinars, all designed to unlock your full potential and bring you into your center. Reservations are recommended.

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Deep Dive Within

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Disclaimer Disclaimer: By participating in this breath mind navigation system and experience, you acknowledge and understand that the facilitator is not a licensed medical professional and that this practice involves intentionally increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the body. The optional use of psychedelic plants to boost your capacity to navigate altered mental states is a personal choice and not endorsed or supervised by the facilitator. You accept full responsibility for your physical and mental well-being during and after the session. It is imperative to be aware of any pre-existing medical conditions, and to consult with a healthcare provider before participating. The facilitator assumes no liability for any adverse effects or outcomes resulting from your participation. You agree to engage in this practice with mindfulness and caution, understanding the potential risks involved. By proceeding, you release the facilitator from any claims, damages, or liabilities.

Pre Journey Checklist: All participants of Alchemy journeys and workshops must adhere to the following protocols, to ensure their experience is safe, grounded and as beneficial as possible to their own wellbeing and the collective safety and wellbeing of the group

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