15th – 21st JUNE 2024

Access and stay in mind heart coherence to dissolve the madness & chaos.

You are invited to turn up to navigate, calibrate and integrate to discover the myth of mind heart coherence.

MYAΩ is an authentic experience where you´ll learn to create an organic vehicle to consistently tap into your authentic self.

In This 7 Day Retreat You’ll Learn:

1. How to bend your mind and unfold yourself through psychosomatic alignment by navigating gasses, recalibrating the vagus nerve and reprogramming the somatic system.

2. A new approach to nourishment giving you access to your inner compass allowing you de-inflame your whole nervous system and restabilising your body.

3. To create a new energetic set point by dissolving the old programmes that were negatively impacting your decision making allowing you to transcendentally flow through all areas of your life.


Approaching personal transformation by focusing on these 3 areas, we will not only learn how to overcome fears, anxiety, stress, and macro or micro trauma, we will also move into greater balance with our enteric nervous system, restoring and reprogramming the parasympathetic (‘rest and digest’) baseline and aligning with what we feel versus what we think.

The purpose and integration of utilizing these tools can be described as the disruption of our current perception and cognitive processes. In a pragmatic world, it is simple to apply what we feel is right, without having fear or doubt in questioning what we feel. In the real world, we are required to put this into practice whilst simultaneously moving through the old energies that create the chaos.

These tools are also ancient practices that refer to the manifestation of the soul or the revealing of something immaterial that is hidden within each one of us just waiting to be revealed.


The SOL Method is a revolutionary culinary approach, seamlessly blending kitchen techniques, ancient wisdom, and modern innovation. More than a technique or philosophy, it’s a lifestyle – a way of living through presence, observation, and practice.

With SOL, you delve into the realms of culinary alchemy and food medicine, demystifying fermentation, activation, and conservation. It’s an invitation to a healthier, sustainable, and incredibly tasty culinary journey.

This is the bridge of how the food nourishment allows one to sustainably maintain the navigation within the high frequency state of Alchemy: Rewire Methodology and how it breaks the old dogmas of the mind heart coherence.


Alchemy: Rewire is an entirely different kind of mind-body training. Inspired by founder Rodo’s journey with freediving and the neurobiological shifts he experienced from holding his breath, Alchemy is a breath mind navigation technology that leverages elevated levels of CO₂ to access and explore deeper states of awareness. As a full mind-body discipline, Alchemy supports individuals across the neurological spectrum to uncover true inner freedom and self-mastery.

The program encompasses different tools and classes that will enable participants to access flow state, learn to decompress the nervous system, and live with integrity.


Being in this mild altered state, we access an actual state of mind where we no longer process through thinking but by feeling.

Being in this mild altered state, we access an actual state of mind where we no longer process through thinking but by feeling. By combining navigation, calibration and integration tools, we can progressively biohack this state, whilst learning how to consistently access it and bring it into our present reality. After we are wired in this state, we uplevel the way we speak and act moving into greater alignment with what we feel and experience.

Casa Alchemy

– ⁠Ibizan traditional finca

– ⁠Swimming pool

– ⁠Views of Dált Villa (Ibiza Castle)

– ⁠Ibiza mountain countryside

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Attend the retreat without accomodation. Ibiza Locals only.

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