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Altered States

In this lesson, we explore the seduction of life’s high peak moments – falling in love; making your first million – which can also be referred to as an altered state. These euphoria states come accompanied with high dopamine and often, oxytocin. In the case of Alchemy: Rewire, what we want to learn is how to unfold the mind, decompress the nervous system and stay centered. And yet – the temptation (especially for high performers) is to always have an addiction. Sex, shopping, workaholism, it’s all coming from the same place. So how do we navigate this desire to keep recreating a high altered state without getting lost to it? In this video, Rodo walks us through the impact of the techniques and Contraction state on leveling our nervous system and detaching from our old conditioned reactions and limiting beliefs.

  • Learn how the breath hold retention helps us switch from thinking into feeling
  • Discover the importance of discomfort in the Contraction, and how it’s felt in the diaphragm and epiglottis (throat)
  • Learn how to reintegrate and observe your insights and feelings about who you choose to be