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Hypoxia, CO2 and Mental Health

The power of CO2 to recalibrate a wide variety of mental health disorders and neurodivergent struggles sits at the heart of Alchemy: Rewire. In this video Rodo speaks to the work of Dr. Buteyko, and how his lived experience as a professional freediver allowed him to understand firsthand the mental health implications of the Contraction state (the extended breath hold). Co2 stimulates the brain and can allow us to access a psychedelic state using only our breath and the breath holds.

  • Learn how to use Co2 to support dopamine levels and enhance neurotransmitters to restore parasympathetic response
  • Co2 helps us to face, then move out of our discomfort and into a space of true self knowing
  • Working with our own peak Co2 levels is a pure way for us to move into the gamma space (AKA the flow state)