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Mental Health Disorders and Inner Mastery

Today, mental health disorders and neurodivergence are being more understood by science and society. Rodo was diagnosed with ADHD and autism from a young age and he’s been trying to find the tools to center himself ever since. Learn how we use these breath hold techniques to boost serotonin and other neurotransmitters, while embracing any mental anxiety that arises with full presence. Our goal is to learn how to navigate our anxiety in the breath hold until we meet a ‘Click’ moment. From here, we move out of mental forcing and into the knowing trust of the body, AKA the flow state.

  • Discover a toolkit to navigate a range of neurodivergent challenges
  • Understand how freediving inspired breath holds decompress the nervous system so feelings can flow freely
  • Release accumulated stress and tension from life’s speed organically, through the breath holds