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Summary of Level One: Cracking the Code

In this Level One summary video, Rodo recaps on the fundamental theory and key breath and mind navigation techniques on Alchemy: Rewire Level One. We’ve worked our way up to the Contraction state, and moved through the anxiety that comes from peak moments of Co2 tolerance. This foundational learning is about learning how to progressively flow in the discomfort of the breath holds, never forcefully try to go where your body and mind isn’t ready for. Take your time, go at your own pace and do not partake in the Contraction every day. Several times a week is enough. Remember – the theories and techniques of Level One are preparation for the pool training that forms part of the Level Two. We now understand the tools and techniques for moving through different altered states of awareness, as well as learning how to integrate this experience to come back centered.

  • Revise the core techniques of Alchemy: Rewire breath and mind navigation
  • Understand the importance of progressive flow, ever forcing the practice
  • Process any anxiety and discomfort whilst in peak Co2 tolerance using simple mindfulness techniques