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Regulating the nervous system to sustain mind-heart coherence

An increasing number of people are identifying as having neurological disorders as well as neurodivergent diagnoses such as ADHD, autism, anxiety disorders, Asperger’s Syndrome, bi-polar disorder and others. We believe in the power of the breath hold to transmute this baseline ‘incoherence’ and restore a connection to self. This is also how we gather the tools to live in mind-heart coherence.
By combining ancient practices with modern science, Alchemy: Rewire helps to navigate mental health struggles and turn them into strengths. The key is in the breath, and specifically, the CO₂ tolerance that’s built while working with the breath hold. If the breath hold is a doorway into your own incredible potential, Alchemy is the vehicle that takes you over the threshold.

What is mind-heart coherence in practice?

The physiology of mind-coherence is best understood as your brain dialoguing harmoniously with your heart and body. It is a state of unity between your mind, body, and spirit. This state of harmony allows you to be more present and centred in your own awareness. Additionally, your heart rate variability (HRV) reflects how different emotional states impact your nervous system. This gives you a unique window into the quality of communication between your heart and brain, which directly impacts how you think, feel and perform.

Working with the Alchemy system to sustain this state, we move out of the old thinking and conditioned negativity, and into a space of heart felt awarenes.

Unleashing the Benefits

Rewrite your story, with Alchemy: Rewire

By regularly practicing and embodying the techniques of Structured Integration (Breath, Movement and Voice) you’ll acquire the tools to rewire your perspective and experience the following benefits:

  • Balances Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System
  • Levels and Enhances Neurotransmitters
  • Enhances Mental Cognition & Resilience
  • Releases Natural Endorphins
  • Boost Immune System Response
  • Reduction in Brain Inflammation

Alchemy’s Unique Approach

Breath + mind
navigation = neurodivergent

There are many schools of thought on breathwork. One of the current techniques is based on Hyperventilation and Stanislav Grof’s Holotropic Breath from the 1960s, while the oldest and original school was founded on the Sanskrit mastery of breath: Pranayama, from 500 BC.

Alchemy’s methodology is focused on the latter but combines the added component of CO₂ elevation from freediving technologies.

While the Buteyko Method published by Dr. Konstantin Buteyko in 1952, came close to uncovering the secret of The Contraction, Alchemy has uncovered the link between breath, CO₂, and neurodivergence. By focusing on the breath and mind navigation system, Alchemy has the capacity to support both neuronormal and neurodivergent students to gain greater calm, clarity and inner freedom. Practitioners, over time, are able to rewire old mental programming and approach life from a fresh perspective.

What is breath-mind navigation?

It is the act of intentionally working with breath holds to build CO₂ in the body and enter altered mental states. Throughout the experience, peak emotions and sensations are navigated, then overcome, to permit greater clarity and awareness of the self.


The Three Pillars of Alchemy

CO₂ Tolerance & Navigation

Emerging science reveals a missing link in our understanding of CO₂. Practicing safe, intermittent tolerance of CO₂ is shown to enhance athletic performance, improve oxygen absorption and enable access to the human miracle of the Contraction.

Live Music

Harmonizing the vagus nerve and central nervous system through live sonic frequencies is a fundamental aspect of Alchemy. Music becomes a guide, hyper-tuning the inner ear to stimulate the pineal gland, and invites students to surrender to the present moment.


Vocal activation, nutritional upgrades and somatic exercises support sustainable mind-heart coherence. Alchemy’s complete system empowers students to unfold their minds, re prioritize body wisdom, and experience a profound shift in awareness.

Pillar 1: CO₂ Tolerance & Navigation

The Power of Hypoxia & CO₂, Building New Neuroplasticity

Building CO₂ tolerance through a regular breath hold practice activates a short-term form of hypoxia. Put simply, this is a type of stress at the cellular level.

In a temporary state of hypoxia (elevated CO₂), cells will not receive the normal levels of oxygen and their metabolism begins to shift. This stress will signal the body to react and strengthen. Think of it like weight training; muscles respond to the temporary stress they are put under. If trained and recovered adequately, they will grow stronger. At the same time, the nervous system’s stress response is momentarily activated, meaning the pathways necessary to deliver oxygen to cells are also strengthened. These pathways could include a number of different systems, such as increased red blood cells, increased lung capacity, improved circulation and metabolic efficiency over the long term.
Likewise, from a neurological perspective the peak anxiety that is reached during the breath + mind navigation practices is a momentary mental stressor, and actually a precursor to successfully navigating fear and other heightened emotions. To move through these altered mental states, while overcoming the CO₂ Contraction and receiving high levels of compensatory serotonin, is a means to building new neurological pathways over time. By putting our bodies at the edge of CO₂, we are progressively training ourselves to live from our center.
The 3 Pillar Alchemy system offers a customized solution* for each practitioner, matching their brain response pattern to the sequences for optimal results.     

pILLAR 2: Live Music resonance

Why music frequencies matter

We all know the power of music to move us. When you choose the right music for your mind and apply it correctly, it can have significant positive consequences on your mental health, as well as soothe the nervous system and slow brain ageing.
In the Alchemy: Rewire system, music takes on a key role to guide students whilst in the breath hold and navigating intermittent hypoxia from a place of anxiety to inner self-trust. The musicians that accompany every live Alchemy experience do not plan their musical score. Instead, they co-create based on the constellation and energies of each group and setting. This music serves as completely improvised, intuitive guide that enables students to work with their breath more freely, and surrender as it takes them into different brain wave states and works to heal on a profound level.


Techniques to restore
nervous system health

Breath control has a major impact on the vagus nerve, the longest nerve in our body. It is a key component of the autonomic nervous system. Along with many other processes, this directly influences our fight or flight (sympathetic) response, as well as how quickly we can return to rest and digest (parasympathetic).

Second to the breath, vocal activation is one of the major keys to supporting and working with the messages and signals running up and down the vagus nerve. By working with elements such as humming and singing, we can effectively enhance vagal tone and instil a sense of safety through the vagus nerve and body. Meanwhile, somatic movement, or somatic processing, facilitates the release of stressors, old memories, and emotional traumas that may be stuck in the body. By intentionally moving the body to release energetic blockages, it becomes easier to process old matter and move forward in a healthy way.
Through shaking, dancing, humming, singing, vocal activation and other embodied somatic movement that features in our third pillar, Structured Reintegration, students can start to release old, stagnant emotions, process trauma and experience more clarity, insight and self compassion.

Scientific Exploration

The impact of
elevated CO₂ on
our neurobiology

After personally experiencing positive results from practicing the breath-mind navigation sequences he explored in his training as a free diver, Rodo decided to dive deeper into the science behind elevated CO₂ in the body.

What he learned would set him on his life’s path. Over the last decade, an increasing number of scientific studies and peer reviewed journals have been published that demonstrate a positive correlation between elevated CO₂ and improvements in the various neurological disorders and challenges associated with neurodivergence. The evidence is compelling.
Through a continued partnership with MuLabs, Rodo has undergone several controlled biometric studies to measure the physiological impacts of elevated CO₂. The tests benchmarked Respiratory Rate (RR), Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Electroencephalography (EEG), and a Cardiogram. Rodo’s biometric markers and EEG scan showed a positive stimulation of the pre-frontal lobe, a precursor to greater empathy, humility, presence and self connection.

Unleashing the Benefits

The Bright and Dark Sides of Neuroplasticity

Bright Side

  • Neuroplasticity makes your brain resilient.
  • Neuroplasticity enables you to recover from stroke, injury, and birth abnormalities.
  • You can learn new ways of being and responding to conflict.
  • In many case, you can also overcome depression, addiction, obsessive compulsive patterns, ADHD, and other issues.

Dark Side

  • Neuroplasticity means the brain is always learning.
  • But the brain is neutral. It doesn’t know the difference between good and bad.
  • It learns whatever is repeated, both helpful and unhelpful thoughts, actions, and habits.
  • Therefore, neuroplasticity may entrench depressive, anxious, obsessive, and overreactive patterns.

Embark on Your Journey

Start practicing the Alchemy: Rewire system

Rodo’s mission is to bring simple, sustainable tools of awareness to individuals struggling with neurological disorders, so they can find their center and live a more harmonious life.

As a collective, we understand that progressive learning is the key to expanding our capacities. Why not join our community to practice together, or sign up for one of our foundational in-person experiences?

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“This practice allowed me to integrate within the present moment.”


“I think Rodo does an amazing job in teaching at a very deep level.”


“I feel very fortunate to have learned these lessons in this setting”

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