Here’s What Others Have to Say


“This practice allowed me to integrate within the present moment.”

It also allowed me to synthesize and distill the experiences from my past, bringing them into a fuller form of understanding.”


“I think Rodo does an amazing job in teaching at a very deep level.”

He does it with total patience, showing them how to connect the mind, body, and heart.”


“I feel very fortunate to have learned these lessons in this setting”

I recommend it for those who want to experience a ceremonial setting, but one that allows you to integrate the knowledge powerfully and in real-time.”


“This method helps us learn balance and equilibrium amongst life’s chaos.”

To find true connection and tranquility within.


“I never knew I held this potential.”

However, through this technique and technology of breathing, I was able to experience this new state of awareness and mindfulness.”


“I connected with so much energy.”

For me, this intentional opportunity to learn and connect will be remembered as a gift for life.”

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