A journey inward:
Navigating neurodivergence


A new system for elevated mental health

On a quest to master his own neurodivergent disorders and create a stable inner world, Rodo stumbled on the key cornerstones that would become Alchemy: Rewire.

A comprehensive system to rewire the mind through our breath,  Alchemy: Rewire teaches students of all ages and backgrounds to go beyond their mental limitations and move into mind-heart coherence.

When practiced daily, this system has helped alleviate some of the complex challenges experienced by our neurodiverse community.


What does it really mean to ‘live from your center?’

Rodo’s journey started with an early diagnosis of ADHD, Dyslexia and Autism. These neurodivergent challenges exacerbated chronic depression and high-level anxiety. After having counterproductive results with traditional treatments, Rodo discovered an alternative path supported by the teachings of Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, also known as the founder of Naam Yoga.

Having found a successful way to manage his mind and mood, Rodo ventured deeper into the practice of acquiring mental equilibrium. He spent the next 15 years mastering meditation techniques, including Gurumuki, Mala, and Pranayama. A combination of these helped him to effectively control his mental challenges.

Despite finding a successful treatment regimen, it took Rodo four hours of breathwork and meditation daily to stay neutral and balanced. So he continued on his quest for a faster, more universal solution, one that might overwrite his mental programming more completely.

Drawn to the extreme edge that freediving offers, Rodo pursued depth and found himself to be a proficient diver (PB -76 mts / 7:19 min). Out in the deep water, he found that freediving offered a bridge into his own depths, and the breath hold quickly presented itself as the key Rodo had been looking for. In just 20 minutes of breath holds and CO₂ mastery, he could reach the same emotional and mental alignment as a four hour meditation practice. The water gave meaning to his mission, and clarity to his method.

Today Rodo leads a movement that navigates altered states of awareness through CO₂ tolerance and human transformation by fostering more mind-heart coherence. His journey has demonstrated that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to mental health, and that alternative approaches can yield life-changing results.

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