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Ready to tap into your full vibrant potential? Looking for something to help you navigate overwhelm or support you in stress management? All over the world, our growing community is integrating the breath and mind navigation principles of Alchemy and intermittent hypoxia into their daily routines, and are experiencing massive transformational change.
We invite you to embark on the inward journey of a lifetime. Become a member of our community to enjoy monthly exclusives and live masterclasses, or take one of our digital training programmes to dive deeper into your practice alongside Alchemy: Rewire founder, Rodo Escalante.

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Join our growing global community and deepen your journey with the core Alchemy: Rewire breath and mind navigation system. Live masterclasses, instructional videos, monthly webinars and guided music sessions all await. We can’t wait to share these transformational practices with you.

“When we learn how to face our depths, the potential for transformation is limitless.”

Alchemy founder, author and master freediver, Rodo Escalante

What’s Included

Welcome Video from Rodo Explaining The Alchemy: Rewire Mind + Breath

Detailed instructional video explaining how to practice the Bandas

3 signature Alchemy: Rewire Breathwork techniques for daily practice

1 x monthly live webinar with freediving champion, author, and founder Rodo to engage directly, ask questions, and be a part of intimate discussions addressing challenges and fostering connection

The ability to purchase advanced Alchemy: Rewire Trainings

Your Benefits

Transformative Content: Curated to guide you through the depths of awareness and resilience.

Exclusive Access: Be the first to experience new content, events, and offerings.

Community Connection: Join a global community of like-hearted individuals on a similar journey.

Alchemy Rewire: Level One Training: Cracking the Code


Life-long course access and one-year COMPLEMENTARY Alchemy: Rewire Community Membership worth €99

In this course, Alchemy founder Rodo will personally guide you through 14 self-paced videos to master the core breath and mind navigation techniques, plus the theory and science that sits beneath this neurobiological system. Supporting any and all kinds of neurodivergent struggles or mental health disorders,Cracking the Code  Level One immerses you into the world of CO² tolerance, ancient Sanskrit bandhas and breathing styles, as well as a practical understanding of how to navigate the mind whilst in an altered state.

What’s Included

14 online videos covering: advanced breathwork techniques, introduction to altered states, comprehensive exploration of the science behind the Alchemy: Rewire system

Complimentary 12-months access to the Alchemy Membership Community, unlocking a host of exclusive benefits

Complimentary copy of the book “Deep Dive Within” authored by Alchemy: Rewire founder Rodo Escalante

Your Benefits

Foundational Breathwork Mastery: Acquire a solid foundation in essential breathwork techniques.

Understanding the Science behind: Develop insights into the mindset and psychology that form the basis of the Alchemy system.

Introduction into Altered States: Explore the practical and conceptual aspects of navigating your mind in altered states using the power of breath.

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